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There is very little emphasis these days on teaching programming, in spite of the fact that technology is becoming more and more a dominant aspect of our lives. Perhaps this is because many programmers are self-taught, used to working alone on projects, and therefore the assumption is that students will learn programming "as they go" or "on their own". This is unfortunate because I think that this aversion to traditional instruction and the preference for "self-taught" programmers leaves some people who want to learn in the dust.   I have lately become interested in rectifying this problem. A few of my clients have discussed the option of learning programming through tutoring sessions with me. I think that if I had been able to avail myself of such an option when I was first learning to program, I might have had a much easier time in learning how to properly use computers as the powerful tools that they are. I believe, however,... read more

I enjoy having students at opposite ends of the learning timeline.  I have had elementary school students, college students, and everyone in between.  It is fun for me as a lifelong learner to work with such different clients.  When I was teaching I had a homogeneous group of middle or high school students learning science.  Now I have an elementary student and a college student at the same time.  It helps me to stay sharp in my own learning and teaching.  It also helps me to stay grounded when thinking about individual learners.  By watching the struggles a third grader has in math I get ideas about how to help a college student studying chemistry.  There are commonalities among all learners that emerge as themes and patterns.  I am thoroughly enjoying my time as a tutor and look forward to learning even more from my tutees.  

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