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     Being a mentor means practicing patience and having an immense amount of responsibility. A mentor is someone that others can look up to and set an example from. Growing up, I often found mentors in my teachers. My favorite was a high school English teacher who taught me about creativity and was supportive of diversity and the unique qualities in each of his students. I will never forget how he empowered his students to write from their hearts and to challenge themselves. My other mentor was my high school algebra 2 teacher. Before I took her class, I struggled with math. Her patience and kindness helped me to love math for the first time in my life. I managed to get an A in her class and by the time I entered college, I qualified for calculus. Her faith in me in spite of my fear of (what I thought was) a difficult subject helped me to grow as an individual and gain self-confidence. She showed me that I was in fact capable of overcoming challenges no matter... read more

Okay, people, listen up.    "YOLO" is not just a pop culture fad.  "YOLO" defines how I live on a daily basis.     Of course, this is not by ANY means, meant to serve as a justification of irrational and immoral actions, as some people like to pretend.   "YOLO" or, "You Only Live Once", is rather a driving force for the way we approach and live out our lives, to make it the fullest it can be.   That being said, I have chosen this is as my mantra when determining my life path.  I have many goals and dreams in my life, but in my current journey through life, my "YOLO" motto has most applied to my travel experiences.   I am a firm believer in making it happen.  If you want to pursue anything in life, simply DO IT.  One of my favorite quotes, that I keep posted above my bed to remind myself of its truth every day is, "Live it if you love it."... read more

I love to read. Reading takes you on all sorts of adventures and teaches you about the world around you. I could spend hours curled up with a good book. But lately I have started to think about WHY I read. Simply put, I read because it expands my knowledge, horizons, and especially my vocabulary. Ben Johnson, a British philosopher (among other things), once said, "Language most shows a man. Speak, that I may see thee." This is a succinct summation of how I feel on the subject: the words you choose, the speech patterns you employ, say more about your education* and thirst for knowledge than anything else you do. Therefore, I read to enhance my vocabulary. My vocabulary expands my speech. And hopefully someday my language will reflect the kind of person I strive to be. *Education can, of course, mean both formal academics as well as knowledge garnered through observation and life experience.

A lot lately about how to make learning interesting. What is the "je ne sais quoi" that grabs a student's attention and gives them passion about a favorite subject? Recently, I started a new position with a local plantation as a tour guide. It has caused me to reflect not only the information presented as, say, a teacher, tutor, or tour guide, but on how the material is presented. Excitement in delivery is half the battle. I have also come to another valuable conclusion during the course of my training: to engage one's audience, one should put themselves in the audience's shoes. In other words, I have begun considering such questions as: "what interested me the first time I took a tour?" "what sorts of things would I want to know if this were my first introduction to the subject?" "are these people familiar with the local culture, or should I give them background information first?" It occurred to me just recently that these... read more

WyzAnt has asked... "how do you keep a student motivated during summer months?"   My answer? Keep them learning without letting them know what's going on!   Museums Interesting facts Good books Even - to my chagrin - educational TV shows can be useful Nature walks Gardening   What child would guess these things are actually part of their greater education?

Did you know I don't just tutor in my spare time? I am also a princess party host! You're probably wondering what that is. Long story short? I visit parties and other events in character as Rapunzel. I either run the party while I'm there or just hang out as part of the festivities. Of course, at all times I remain in character as the princess Rapunzel - long hair and all. It's great fun! Part of why I do this is because I believe every girl is a princess! It doesn't matter what she wears or where she's from. The other reason is that dressing up never stops being fun. When I lived in Utah, I worked with Pirate and Princess Parties of Utah. Now that I have moved to NOLA, I am pleased to say I've gone into business for myself doing freelance parties. And I have good news... I have officially booked my first freelance party since arriving in Louisiana! Happy studying and happy tutoring! ~Karli

So far, as a WyzAnt tutor, I have had two different students. Both of them have been fairly long-term investments. They could not have been more dissimilar from each other! One was a high school graduate, just starting to take his own initiative. The other is an elementary school student who is bright but gets frustrated with herself easily. I consider myself very fortunate to have experienced so many degrees of the spectrum! Has anyone else noticed how fun it is to see the light turn on in your students' eyes when you hit on the "perfect" explanation for a particular concept? And, of course, it is always rewarding when that test comes back with a higher grade, or with a score exceeding the goal. In short, so far I love being a tutor! I try to teach in the way I wish I could've had someone explain things to me. Thanks to my students for learning and growing with me!

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