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The ordering of algebraic operations

When both writing down and reading the algebraic expressions, the binary operation (including addition+, subtraction-, multiply*, divide/, exponential^) follow a conventional order: 0) Parenthesis, including {}, [], () 1) Exponent, multiply and divide 2) Addition and subtraction The ordering is 0)>1)>2). Then there is no ordering within each group, eg multiply and divide are at the same level of priority except that 0) comes in such as a parenthesis. Let's take a look at one quick example: 3+(8-2)*6. First compute (8-2)=6; Then compute (8-2)*6=6*6=36; Finally compute 3+(8-2)*6=3+36=39. Another example: 3^2+3/(5-2) First compute (5-2)=3; Then do 3/(5-3)=3/3=1; Next compute 3^2=3*3=9; Finally add 3^2+3/(5-2)=9+1=10. Hope it helps!

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