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Hello,    Recently, I had the opportunity to tutor a student through Skype.  I was such a great experience, I wanted to try to promote more online tutoring sessions with students.  I have been looking around and researching different online tutoring platforms that would allow more interaction between myself and my students.  I don't feel like I am finding exactly what I need.      This is really a two part Blog      A) Does anyone have any experience with tutoring online and could suggest any online platforms that are really conducive to student learning?     B) I find that there is a lot of resistance to online tutoring, do you have any suggestions for getting students more on board with online tutoring?  

First, let me agree that online tutoring can be much more difficult to do well than in-person tutoring. To tutor online a tutor must have much more skill in evaluating students, and more skill in presenting the material. In addition, in comparison with in-person tutoring, online tutoring takes considerably more time.  I will deal with these factors in the discussion below. There are several factors to consider in deciding to use an online tutoring solution. 1. Does the tutor's communication solution work for you? Does the tutor offer you a free session so that you can evaluate the tutor's skill over the internet? Even if your prospective tutor is very experienced in the internet medium, his/her solution may not be appropriate for you and you need to know before you make a commitment. Perhaps you don't have the right equipment or you are behind an internet firewall that prevents the tutor from communicating effectively with you. 2. How well... read more

What are the benefits of a great online learning program with a qualified educator? • Collaboration: As an instructor, I can now display documents in real time • Global: Conduct a meeting anywhere, at any time • Total Interaction: Interact with all participants in a well-constructed online meeting room • Control: Control can be passed to any participant that would like to conduct their own workshop or seminar, allowing the presenter to guide the navigation • Chat: Send chat messages to all participants or another instructor • Share Software Info Our program allows the instructor to demonstrate and share control of any software application with others in an interactive meeting • Document Access Instructors provide access to documents, PDF files, slides and other resources • Support Friendly and knowledgeable support from a qualified educator. • Password Protection Offers password protection and encryption to protect sensitive data

In this day and age of telecommuting, it should come as no surprise that tutoring can be as successful online as in person. There are many technologies available to make this possible.   A top question I get asked, is, "Is online tutoring as good as in-person?" I started teaching online in 2004; and one of the my top goals was to ensure that my courses were as good as those that I would give in the classroom. In fact, many people preferred online learning, since they would not be embarrassed in front of a class by giving incorrect answers, had ultimate flexibility in their schedule, and did not have to commute. It's a safe environment, with no one there to eavesdrop in on you; no strangers, acquaintances, nor competitors. Just us.   I've been able to tutor even the most complex subjects over the phone, even before the introduction of today's incredible technologies. Yes, I'd be discussing math and directing steps without having the benefit... read more

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