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Almost no one likes homework, especially mind-numbing drill and practice.  Problem after problem, over and over again... does this really accomplish anything?  The answer, according to the literature, is "yes!"     As a tutor, I recommend the website to all primary and secondary students as the best way to practice math, but is it the best way?  To investigate this, I turned to the peer-reviewed literature, which turned up some interesting results about the importance of practice.     In a 2005 study on a diverse group of Texas math students, researchers Nguyen and Kulm randomly placed students in two different groups.  One group had old-fashioned pencil-and-paper homework, while the other group had randomized online homework.  Students in both groups had the opportunity to rework homework and improve grades.  The students were given a pretest before the study and a post test after.  The... read more

There are many resources available to parents and families.  I am a proponent of online activities.  Khan Academy is a great resource for everyone to get involved with practicing learned skills and content at the same time offering lessons on new material. In addition, anytime real-world situations are presented, students are able to apply skills and content learned during the school year.  Parents, give your child a current "situation" to problem solve, i.e., balancing a budget, planing/building a garden, journaling/setting written goals for an upcoming event, etc.

When it comes to using a legitimate online resource to help with tutoring mathematics, or answering mathematical questions I use   This website is very diverse and allows the user to input any mathematical equation, formula etc.   With subject areas of mathematics, such as calculus, has proved to be extremely beneficial, especially when working with difficult integrals and derivatives.    With the Pro version of this website, which is well worth its value, you will be provided step-by-step instructions on how to solve the particular problem that you have inputted.    Check out this website and explore the countless benefits it has to offer.   Keith

Hey there! I am going to start upload my collection of worksheets, subject outlines, study tips, study images, and various other study materials. I have uploaded a "test example" of the nursing process. This was just something quick I put together. I am just getting the word out that more materials will be available shortly! If there are any topics in the realm of nursing, pharmacology, pathophysiology, or anatomy and physiology that you would like addressed, please let me know and I will do my best to assist you!    Here is the link to the example/test document:   I am also now available for Skype sessions! Therefore, distance and location are not limiting factors! Thank you! Happy studying :)   Please visit my profile page here:

Hi Everyone!   I can now tutor you online! So if you have a quick question or don't feel like leaving your house we can meet online. If you have a webcam, great! If not, we can use the phone and the online whiteboard.   See you soon!

If you are struggling to encourage a reluctant reader to read for at least 30 minutes per day, this website may help.  I began using this with Beginning English as a Second Language (ESL) students but have found that it also works well for K-6 readers as well.  Here are the instructions for accessing this FREE site:     Go to a. Under the heading marked Stories, click on Tumblebooks b. Click on Tumblebook Library c. Click on Story Books or Non-fiction Books d. Choose a book and then click Read Online

As a Wyzant tutor, it's been a interesting to experience a variety of ages, cultures, preferences and learning styles. Another variation upon my tutoring is location of the session.   Skype - my first experience with Skype and other video chat applications started when my cousin taught me Danish using WindowsLive in college. I've a Danish heritage but it goes back to my great-grandparents, so I didn't grow up knowing much about any of the language or culture. I found it strange at first to see a live-streaming video of a person on my computer, and sometimes the connect was bad or the microphone didn't work, etc. Getting past the initial weirdness was easy, because video chatting is kind of a modern miracle that I came to love. It works so well for me now that I tutor, because I can have a session with someone at a convenient time for both of us, without having to arrange travel plans (life sans a car) or take up time getting to a certain location.... read more

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