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If you are repeating your exam it is  a good idea to reach out to a tutor who can help to better prepare you to retake your test. I always ask my students what they think is the reason/s that they are unable to pass the exam.  Many of them are very much aware of the areas that are problematic. Here are some tips for those who are repeating the exam:   Nursing knowledge - You must have a good grasp of  Nursing content- This is a textbook exam Study time- You should devote at least 4 solid hours a day to studying in divided periods of about 1 hr Rationales - Find rationales for the answers that you are giving to each question Guessing - Do not practice guessing of the answers - elimination of options - yes Build your knowledge - After selecting the right answer - also review the other options given and try to determine why they were not the correct answer for that question. Know your basic lab values and the conditions to which... read more

I was one of the altruistic nursing students. I wanted to HELP people. I wanted to SAVE LIVES and STAMP OUT DISEASE! It came as a huge surprise to me that I was going to have to digest and metabolize a plethora of information and then regurgitate it, processed through my common sense filter on nursing school tests. Any student who has taken a test in a nursing program will commiserate with this: nursing tests are not normal. THEY ARE TESTS ON STEROIDS! To make matters worse my school graded on a bias. This meant anything less than an 82% is failing. I was under prepared and overwhelmed. In walks Ms Noreen. In all honesty she kind of looked like a deranged Teletubby. I was mired in my personal discouragement and the last thing I wanted to hear was the New Jersey transplant talk about my fated career. She droned on for a while as I tried to hold back my tears of frustration and inadequacy. Then she said exactly what I needed to hear. She said,... read more

One of the best ways to pass nclex is through lots of practice.  Many students do not have comfort level answering questions. Learn to identify the distractors and stem questions.  Remember focus on pathophysiology , meds and diagnostics. The rest will follow

Many nursing students believe that their studies are going great until they come to pharmacology. It is difficult trying to learn and understand all of those drugs and their side effects. However, dosage calculations really put fear into many students.  So the next few blogs will be looking at this topic. Few of us are mathematical wizards, but using dimensional analysis to solve your dosage problems make the process easy.  If you want to calculate a dosage, or the rate of a drip, this method is very useful. Let us first examine the steps of dimensional analysis by working on a simple problem   The MD prescribed 50 mgs of a medication. It is stocked in a concentration of 100mg/ml. What dose should you give in milliliters     1. GIVEN -identify the given quantity -50 mg   2. WANTED -Identify the wanted or unknown quantity - x ml   3. CONVERSION- Write down the equivalents that are needed to convert between... read more

When taking an exam such as the NCLEX it is normal to feel anxious.  The hours of this exam represent a significant investment in terms of your time, energy and finances.  So of course you want to get it over and move on with your life. Many of my students tell me that they panic during the exam especially if they are going beyond the 75 question mark. Students have to understand that this is a "high stakes exam" and they have to develop some strategies to help manage their anxiety.  Here are a few suggestions:   1. Create a picture of you taking your exam. Visualize that you are successful 2. Practice some relaxation exercises for those  panicky moments - try smiling and remain positive 3 Take some deep breaths and exhale slowly. 4 I can do this - reinforce this positive thought throughout the exam 5. Avoid distractions - no - you cannot text your friend for the answer  6 Focus -Focus -Focus   Happy...

The beginning of a new school year is always exciting, however there is an end to that year as well with final exams, possibly graduation and NCLEX exams as you prepare to become a professional nurse. Now is the time to put a good study plan in place.  Your plan should be built on a solid foundation of a positive attitude, the belief that yes, you can and will achieve your goals, and measures for control.  You should also make a list of realistic short and long term goals with manageable time frames and outcomes.  The nursing process can be used to help guide you in preparing a plan for success:    Assessment - Make a thorough assessment of you - where are you in your program- how are your grades - what                     are the problems or difficulties that you are facing - what are the things that you need to change-                     improve... read more

Hello, Nursing school can be tough! If you are having difficulty or would like assistance with your studies, please contact me. I have been a registered nurse for 17 years and will graduate this semester with my BSN. I have experience in education as well and have a heart for teaching. I would love to work with you to help you succeed in this program. I wish everyone the very best for the new year and happy learning! Dawn R.

Hello Everyone, My name is Casey. I am a Registered Nurse in Spokane, Washington, and while I am new to this environment, I have been tutoring for the last four years. I am proficient at tutoring math and science, though I am not necessarily limited to those areas. I am also skilled at teaching study skills and organization, which can help students in any subject. I am willing to tutor students of all ages, and I relate well with child, adolescent, and adult students alike. I believe that tutoring is a team effort in which the tutor and student work together to reach predetermined goals. The tutor facilitates learning by helping students to understand what learning style works best for them, and through teaching students how to organize their learning process. The student applies class content to the learning techniques, and the tutor helps the student to better understand concepts. My goal is to help students to become independent learners so that they can succeed... read more

If you are a medical provider or a nurse for any length of time, you will come across eponyms. Eponyms are diseases, disorders, procedures or equipment that is named for some person. You will not be asking for a indwelling urinary catheter, you will be asking for a Foley [catheter]. When a patient went to the operating room for a pancreaticoduodenenectomy, modified or not, it was not called that, it was called a Whipple’s surgery. If you were at your doctor’s and s/he said, your tests have come back, it would be unlikely for her to say you have an inflammatory B-cell lymphoma, rather she would say , "You have Hodgkin’s disease". There is a movement in health care to reduce or even eliminate the use of eponymous titles on the ground that eponyms do not describe but merely name, and they can be confusing at times. However I doubt that they will ever completely die out, so the student should be prepared to understand the more common eponyms in use today. Common... read more

Tutoring is expensive. But, there are several factors that relate to cost besides here-and-now price. It is the ultimate (sometimes long-term) bottom line that you need to calculate to determine if hiring a tutor is cost effective. But, what does "cost effective" mean? One way of looking at the term "cost effective" is to determine if the value you receive in return for your investment is larger than the investment. For example, if tutoring sessions cost you $100, but you passed an employment test that allowed you to earn an extra $0.50 per hour; then you would see the return for the money that you paid for the tutoring in less than two weeks (based upon your increased hourly rate of pay). Tutoring with that kind of pay back would be cost effective, and the monetary benefit would be easy to calculate. Other pay backs for tutoring might not be as easy to calculate, but equally substantial. For example, if tutoring costs you $200 but enables you... read more

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