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My youngest grandson just started Kindergarten this year. As his class was beginning a unit on colors, the students were instructed to wear a different color shirt each day for the first two weeks. His older brother is in second grade and to help the younger ones learn their colors, the older students were invited to join in by wearing the same colors on certain days. Neither one of my grandsons owns a purple shirt, so their mom and dad felt they had to purchase them in preparation for “purple day.” I can understand their thinking, however, I wonder about those children whose parents cannot afford one extra shirt, much less two new ones. Of course, every child wants to fit in and feel like they belong, but I feel strongly that classrooms (and schools) place too much emphasis on the so-called fun activities that usually involve spending. Even though wearing the color of the day is optional, I believe younger students might worry about being different than everyone else,... read more

Is your preschooler ready for kindergarten? It seems like every state, school and teacher wants different skills from your preschooler! There are different areas of development that parents need to think about before they answer this question. The first is cognitive, which some people think is the only area of development. They must know the letters of their name, count to 10 and name 8 colors. The next area is motor development. Children should be able to write their first name, cut out a circle and jump with both feet. Next area is social development. Children should have at least one friendship, follow rules and routines. The next area is their self help skills. They should be able to take care of all bathroom needs, be independent from parents and take care of their belongings. This is just a guideline and if you are asking this question then it is better to be cautious. Children start school at 4,5 and 6 years of age. All develop at different rates. Some may have special... read more

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