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Here are some of my favorite resources that cover multiple subject areas in a single resource. Check back again soon, this list is always growing! I also recommend school textbooks, your local library, and used bookstores.     (All grades) - homework help from real tutors and teachers (All grades) - lessons and tutorials from real tutors and teachers (Varies) – Formulas, practice, and basic information for chapter reviews or previews. (PreK-8, 12) – Math, Language Arts, Science, Health and History games, + SAT vocab flash cards (K-8) – Flashcards, practice lessons, and general guidance in all core subjects (K-6) – Online textbook-based lessons and practice for elementary school students- a GREAT resource if you’ve left your textbook at school or if you need more worksheets to... read more

Here are some of my favorite English (high school) resources. Check back again soon, this list is always growing! I also recommend school textbooks, your local library, and used bookstores.     (K-12) – Click on “Parent and After School Resources,” for a great list, sorted by grade level, to help your child practice a variety of different skill sets at home (ex: giving an interview, thinking critically, writing activities, etc) (Gr 6-12) – Very thorough grammar lessons (Gr 6-12) – Short, humorous grammar lessons (Gr 6 -12) – Free video lessons on common grammar topics. *Note- some areas of this site are subscription-based. (Gr. 6-12) – Quick lessons on parts of speech, and tips on writing essays. (Gr 9-12) – Grammar lessons, tutorials on writing essays and using specific formats... read more

Monday, December 9, 2013   More families are looking for alternatives to traditional public schools. School closings and teaching faculty reductions are leading to over – crowded classrooms that don’t seem to meet all student’s needs. Home schooling is one educational option available to families seeking an alternative to their local public school system. This article highlights four things that will help you get your home school off to a good start while meeting all of your student’s educational needs. 1. What can you teach successfully? As an adult, chances are you can remember that one subject you were good at in school. Whether it came naturally for you, or you simply studied hard and still remember the content, you probably know the subject well enough to teach it to your home school students. However, you should still take some time to decide whether or not you can teach the subject to your students. Unless you have teaching experience as... read more

The human muscular system is not only complex, it intrigues by the amount of work it can perform, and sustain under the most demanding conditions. There are many viable contenders for determining the strongest muscle, included are: longevity, strength alone, load, lift, durability, response to pain, healing qualities, size, function, growth, suitability in recovery and reproducibility of destroyed or diseased cells. Within the human body, there are several muscles that may be considered such as the heart, jaw, tongue, uterus, the list can go on until you have covered most of the over 630 muscles in the human body. The strongest muscle is that muscle required to work all day, every day without tiring or failure. It could be a group of muscles or a single muscle. It is the one that responds to high demand and allows us to function almost flawlessly. It is the one that is mechanically, the most perfect muscle. The muscle that outperforms any mechanical... read more

Poetry is one of those literary genres that instill a fear in students, particularly in the middle school arena. Metaphor, sonnet, acrostic, haiku, rhyme, prose, or free verse are examples of hundreds of poetry terms and forms. Confusing for a young impressionable mind to absorb, poetry is often a subject to avoid, and if unavoidable, often solicits a desire to cheat to succeed. Throughout the internet, are sites where students ask questions soliciting someone to explain or write them poetry to complete a homework assignment. Poetry is not a written or spoken form to be feared, rather should be the educational tool that teaches reading, writing and the arts as no other single genre is capable. Writing poetry ought to be fun allowing students to express their feelings, beliefs, and experiences without the restriction of initially teaching them to write and interpret forms of poetry that are difficult for most to understand and usually result in a lifelong hatred... read more

You have a science paper due on Monday. History test and math packet due on Tuesday. English project group meeting Wednesday after school. Homework to complete. Chores on Saturday. And you want to spend time with a friend. Use a student planner. Be specific with the time. Include day/date and time/hour. Specifying the hour in your planner creates an actual appointment, and appointments are not made to be broken. During the week, your friend calls, wanting to come over and watch a movie with you on Saturday at 1:00 pm. You look at your planner. It shows you will be completing your history reading assignment at that time; you suggest 3:00 pm to your friend. It’s Saturday, 3:00 pm. Your friend knocks at the door. What’s that? You say you’re feeling great, relaxed, at ease. Oh yes. That’s part of the reward of scheduling, and sticking to it. You've read and studied the chapter for your history class. You finished your chores. Now you can really enjoy a movie. When are... read more

I love meeting new students. Today I scheduled a meeting with one of my new students. I can not wait to meet them. I am glad that the parent is so enthusiastic about their child's education. This makes tutoring so much easier and much more fun. I love tutoring in Spanish. I feel that the student and I have embarked on our own private session where only the student and I knows what is going on. When you think of the session that way, it makes the whole lesson a lot more fun and exciting for both you and the student. I cant wait to start the new school year with new students and new adventures.

One of the problems of starting up new with a company like WyzAnt is that all the hours I have put into tutoring, all the hours that I continue to put into tutoring (through channels other than WyzAnt) don't help me recruit other students here at WyzAnt. Wyz-that? It's pretty simple. My private students can't tell everyone here at WyzAnt what they think of me. As I mentioned before, I started tutoring High School. I discovered that, not only was I really good at math (my school gave report card grades in numbers and my high school math average was 97) but I was also very good at helping other people understand math. I started tutoring when I was 14 (in 10th grade). At the time, I had finished 9th grade Algebra, passing the NY State regent exam in the 99th percentile. So, I began tutoring 9th graders in math. I tutored so many young women (I went to an all-girl school for high school) during the last 3 years I was in high school that I don't even remember most of... read more

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