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Becoming a tutor is a very rewarding experience. If you are interested in beginning a new journey as a person aspiring to touch the lives of students you should practice the following effective techniques.    1-Although you may be extremely knowledgeable and/or passionate about one or two subjects try to become well versed with a few additional subjects; chances are when you are offered a tutoring job for one subject your student will ask for help with other subjects they may struggle with in the near future.    2-When working with a student be careful not to use negative comments. For example, if a student gets a word problem wrong do not directly correct them by saying "you are wrong." Try putting a spin on words of encouragement such as "You are on the right track. Let me show you how to figure out the answer." Negative comments will only further discourage a student who is probably already internally suffering from failure... read more

  I am a certified retired elementary teacher who has taught 1st -8th grade. I specialize in helping struggling reading students. Before I start my first session I always give a pretest to help me diagnose and prescribe the appropriate programs which address the weaknesses of each student. I try to work very close with the student's teacher, so that I can help prepare them for the state mandated tests. I try to make learning a fun activity which will keep the student engaged and focus at the same time. I truly enjoy the individualized instruction which enhances the student desire to achieve success. I have always love teaching and will continue to do so.

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