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Are you taking a foreign language in school? Maybe it is Spanish, or Japanese, or French? Well, that's great! However, summer is typically the time that most of what you have learned in these second languages during the school year wears away, and very fast too.   That's why it's recommended that you keep practicing reading, writing, listening, and speaking in your second (or third) language throughout the summer months. That way, you'll be prepared not only for the next class in the series in the fall, but also keep you from forgetting all of the intricate details that you have mastered already. Don't know how? Well here are some tips to get you started:   Ask your teacher or school librarian to see if you can borrow a used copy of your foreign language book, or perhaps loan out a copy of next year's book early. This way, you can review everything that you have already studied during last school year and even start looking ahead into what's... read more

My favorite website to learn a foreign language is DuoLingo. It is an entertaining way to learn a new language. Completing one skill unlocks other skills, which allow you progress from basic words all the way through various verb tenses and abstract ideas. When you click on a lesson you’ll see a series of tips and common questions.   Another neat app that might be interesting for people who want to learn German is TuneIn radio. It's a radio app with many German radio stations on it. It helps to understand the language better and plays great music. It's probably the cheapest way to hear real examples of Germans talking and singing.

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