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You already have some income but it is not enough. So you decide that you need some part time work to supplement your income. How many hours of part time work do you need if they pay you $35.0 an hour? What if your part time work only pays you $20.0? In my two hour specialized Excel class, I will show you power of Excel Data Tools to help you with above scenario and other help that Excel can offer. If there is additional time, we can go over Excel features such as Chart, etc. If you are not part timer, you can still use Excel to help you with personal finance. 

Yeah I feel you, working out your accounting homework in Excel can be frustrating and tedious, especially for students just starting off their accounting coursework. You might think "hey, I can do this faster on paper with my calculator." But if you plan on getting past Financial Accounting, you're gonna need to master this essential program, and homework is the best way to do it. Besides that, your professors will prefer it and in the long run your grade with thank you. Here's why: 1.) End of Term Projects Just about every accounting class I've ever taken has had a hefty term project, usually a set of financial statements, and its always due in Excel/spreadsheet format. While you may be able to get through most of the semester turning in homework problems done in pencil, you don't want to be struggling with both excel and complex calculations when the deadline for your term project is looming and you are crunched for time. Learn it now, and spare... read more

From business school to being in the corporate world for over 15 years, I've observed that majority of people 'feel' that they should be better with Microsoft Excel but are not.  Nevertheless, they never take the time to learn even the basics of this software and are struggling for hours with some simple work that should take them a couple of minutes to complete.    For most people, all it takes is some simple demonstration of the ease of the program and I've seen dramatic improvements in a very short amount of time.  If you have ever felt this way, there are ways to get better and more comfortable.  I welcome comments and questions regarding getting more comfortable with Excel.     

If you are taking an online course, or have homework assignments that are on your computer, I have a method where I can view your computer, with your permission, while you are online with me, and see and even control your desktop from my mouse, at no cost to you other than my time. We can talk over the phone, share desktops, as I can show you things from my desktop too, and get the session moving forward regardless of the distance between us. So if you are taking a vacation or a weekend trip and need some assistance, call me and I'll call you back for a free call, and we can work in this manner. I have done this many times in business and other categories. I haven't done it yet over an iPhone but, that's next I think. Technology is great isn't it?

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