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Multi-Cultural Students and Intercultural Communication (Basic)

From my sociological studies in University, I've learned how to multi-communicate orally and physically with an arrange of students coming from different cultural backgrounds. What this means is that there are different approaches in mannerisms for cultures. This blog features the very basics of it.   First, there is a personal space variation between cultures. In America, personal space isn't much of an issue. For example, in a typical meeting with a person, two people are typically 2-3 feet away and shake hands. For Asian or Middle-Eastern cultures, two people might typically be further away when greeting one another. This applies to tutoring students. Some may need more space away from the tutor. Some Americans may view this as disrespectful but for the student that is the norm. This is just one example of how to interact with a student.   Second, when teaching a student in which English is a second language, use good English to... read more

Making It Happen.

Okay, people, listen up.    "YOLO" is not just a pop culture fad.  "YOLO" defines how I live on a daily basis.     Of course, this is not by ANY means, meant to serve as a justification of irrational and immoral actions, as some people like to pretend.   "YOLO" or, "You Only Live Once", is rather a driving force for the way we approach and live out our lives, to make it the fullest it can be.   That being said, I have chosen this is as my mantra when determining my life path.  I have many goals and dreams in my life, but in my current journey through life, my "YOLO" motto has most applied to my travel experiences.   I am a firm believer in making it happen.  If you want to pursue anything in life, simply DO IT.  One of my favorite quotes, that I keep posted above my bed to remind myself of its truth every day is, "Live it if you love it."... read more

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