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How to prepare...

If you are a student preparing to return to school and you always hated MATH. Here are some short exercises that you can do to help you get back in the swing of things:   Get familiar with They have all the basics with good practice for you to review. They only allow you ~30 questions as day, so you can't overload yourself! Try to be aware of the math around you in your everyday life. If you can see mathematics in the world around you, it helps to motivate you to learn. Practice mental math When you are in the grocery store, instead of whipping out your calculator, try to figure out the cost per ounce in your head. Round if you need to, but get back in the habit of using math mentally every day. Read books Ok, this isn't really a "math" thing, but if you don't read books (fiction, non-fiction, classics, reference) it will be hard to transition back to shcool. Yes, reading online is okay, but... read more

Top Ten Ways To Start The School Year Off Right

Parent's often ask me what their children should do to start the school year off on the right foot. I polled teachers and came up with a Top Ten list that you should review in order to ensure your child starts the school year off right.  1. Stay Organized! 2. Help your child set Personal Goals for the school year. 3. Notice weaknesses and get help ASAP. 4. Start a proper bedtime schedule & make breakfast a priority. 5. Remind your child to report bullying. 6. Acknowledge good behavior. 7. Encourage pleasure reading. 8. Participate in extracurricular activities. 9. Build relationships with your child’s teachers. Early & Frequent contact is a must! 10. Know your child’s friends! ALWAYS MAKE TIME FOR FUN!

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