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Note to the Future of our World: Learn as much Math as possible - everything consists-of or is composed-of Math. And, when you say "When will we ever use Math?" the actual answer turns out to be, "You use Math in everything, everywhere, all of the time!" Most students have had a rough time with Math - not because they are stupid but because their teacher didn't figure out how they learn best individually - everyone learns differently - even the students who seem smart figered out how to work-around the teachers and of course they never admit that they are also struggling and they don't share their work-around techniques with their classmates. You Can Do this Math Thing! Just Hang In there! ToeKneeNose (o;'

Contact me today for Math Tutoring in the Tomball, Texas Area. My strength is Algebra and Prealgebra. If you are struggling with either of these two topics, please contact me as soon as possible. Send me an email and I will try to respond as quickly as possible and set up at time for us to meet and have an introductory session. While results are not always instantaneous, students do achieve higher grades over time. Email me today. I look forward to working with you! Liz F.

Tutoring for College Level Courses, 0306, 0308, 0310 and 1314 for Lone Star College. I have tutored these subjects since 1998 and taught 0306, 0310 and 0308 from 2001 through 2012. If you are struggling with these classes, please contact me so I can show you the EASY way to do the problems. In addition, I can make sure you are showing enough work, so that when you do a similar problem on a test, you get full credit. Lastly, I consider my self an expert on using the graphing calculator, which, if you know how to use it, can check up to 80% of your answers. It is nice to know you have passed a test before you walk out the door. Contact me today.

Hello to all you Happy Learners! I am just setting up my profile and getting all my qualifying exams completed for subjects I am qualified and experienced in for teaching. There will be new posts as we get things set up here. For astronomy and science tutoring help, I can make my self and my home astronomical observatory available as part of the learning experience. I have multiple telescopes and some basic CCD astrophotography equipment which could be used for an astronomical observing project students may want to do and hand in as a project grade in science or specific astronomy class...this is always a great deal of fun and there is much to learn and do with telescopes, computer control of the telescope, CCD camera and autoguider as well as the reading of star charts and catalogues too! Let me know via my email link if you are interested in this service and we can discuss the possible projects we could do. Yours, Mark

In my experience working with learners from various education levels and backgrounds, I understand the feelings of frustrations and concerns that many have when struggling with a subject or studying for a test but not receiving the results you would like or expect. It creates a feeling of helplessness or the sense that you can't overcome or you'll never get it. That's not true. With the right study skills, you can improve your confidence, preparedness, and ability in any area. The keys to learner's success include having clear goals about what you want to achieve, learning effective study tips and strategies, pacing yourself, organizational skills, time management, academic planning and preparation, step-by-step instruction, committment (good work ethic), practice, and building confidence in your ability to improve and achieve your goals. It's said, if you want to succeed, try and try again. That's the only way to do it. If you have questions about assignments or... read more

Did you ever realize that the SLOPE EQUATION is the SAME as the POINT SLOPE FORMULA???? WHAT?!?! Check it out: POINT SLOPE FORMULA is (y-y1)=m(x-x1) SLOPE EQUATION IS m = (y-y1)/(x-x1) Can you see where I'm going with this? -Take the first equation -Divide both sides by (x-x1) -The result is the second equation!!! So now you've shortened your "list of equations to learn" without really doing anything ;)

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. (Aristotle) This quote provokes me never to accept the status quo and always challenge assumptions. It is the thought that through education we never stop learning or seeking after truth and knowledge.

As members of WyzAnt, we are fully aware of the fact that we are dealing with two different entities when it comes to tutoring. We usually communicate with the clients (parents/guardians) but we tutor the students. Generally speaking, there is almost complete coincidence between these two entities in terms of what direction the tutoring should take. If a particular student is struggling in a class (say, Geometry), and the "client" can tell this from progress reports, report cards, or simple communication with the teacher, then it's pretty obvious that Geometry is the course in question (though what specific sub-topic of Geometry is creating the trouble is not necessarily known). This concept can take something of a twist when preparing a student for a test like the SAT, ACT, ASVAB, GRE, and so on. In the eyes of the "client", from what I have noticed, the student usually needs help on the entire test. The student, on the other hand, having a more in-depth... read more

I had my first tutoring session yesterday. I was able to tutor a couple students, one in Java programming and the other in Algebra 1. I enjoyed it very much. I find pleasure in explaining things to others, and I was able to work with a couple of very attentive and bright students. It is exciting to have actually started tutoring. I have been with WyzAnt for several months now and was finally chosen as someone's tutor. Thanks to a friendly family for helping me get started on my tutoring career!

I have noticed a number of students in this area struggling with Algebra I and Algebra II. The students are at different levels of their educational process from High School to adult students re-entering the collegiate experience. In my experience having taught upper division sciences is that students who find that they have deficiencies in their lower level math skills, generally, 6-8th grade math, don't 'see' these deficiencies show up until they move into upper division college programs where more critical, cross-disciplinary thinking is required of them. Here is the problem. There is an aspiration to be a science teacher, for instance, or a doctor of some sort. Because a math deficiency was not addressed earlier, they struggle in Chemistry or Cell Biology. The assumption on the part of the faculty is that the poor grade reflect ineptitude with a given subject. Hence, it is presumed that the student is not 'able to compete' for careers in these kinds of careers. The... read more

As you peruse the list of amazing tutors here at WyzAnt, a challenge arises. How do you KNOW which one is right for you or your student? Well, you may not know this, but you can continue to exchange emails with a tutor for as long as you like. Get your questions answered. If the tutor isn't interested in emailing with you to allay your fears and answer your questions, that speaks volumes. Frankly, I would assume that the tutors here at WyzAnt are eager to answer your questions. Hey, I too may have questions. I know I always have questions for my potential students. I am curious to know how particular students learn, and what difficulties they face. I want to know how the parents feel about the situation, and how they would define progress and success. You see, we each become a piece of the puzzle and the solution. When you begin a journey, you buy travel books, maps, and contact the businesses and tourist attractions in the destination city.. So too with tutoring. Don't... read more

Give positive feedback, use encouraging vocabulary Find success, and reinforce effort, in even minor accomplishment ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A tutor provides expertise, experience, and encouragement. They do not provide "answers," but rather assist in problem solving, in getting answers. The challenge is to focus on assignments within the context they are assigned. Tutors should not be expected to diagnose learning disabilities. Diagnosis should take place outside of the tutoring process by a professional academic counselor. If a larger problem becomes apparent, referral is the best strategy. Tutoring strategies: Seek out training to be a more effective tutor: This includes subject matter as well as the tutoring procedures Clearly establish expectations for your learner What are the expectations of the learner? of the teacher? and of those close to the learner (classmates,... read more

Hi, I am excited and ready to re-start my tutoring in the Bay Area. I recently moved to San Francisco and started a job recently at Tesla Motors in Palo Alto. I am most available to tutor late in the evenings in the Peninsula, South San Francisco, or on the weekends within a 30 min drive. I am most experienced with high school students and prefer tutoring students at the Algebra and SAT level. I also have an interest in clean energy. I want to work with all students, abilities, and backgrounds - I am willing to work something out to make things work for you! I look forward to working with you! In advance, thanks! Mike

Hello! This whole site is pretty new to me, but I wanted to briefly show my interests and experiences, as they are fairly diversified: Sciences: As noted above, most of my experience is with chemistry. Organic Chemistry is my specialty, but I am also familiar with Inorganic Chemistry. I've been a Teaching Assistant for college freshman level courses through upper level chemistry courses. I started off as a Biology/Pre-med major, so courses like Physics and Biology are high on my understanding. Tutoring in most of the sciences will be my highest level of knowledge/experience. Math: I was a mathematics minor as an Undergraduate, so I am very familiar with a fair amount of mathematics divisions. Calculus is fairly fresh, but I am most proficient with Algebra. I have a secret love of the mathematics, so tutoring math in some way would definitely be great. Dance: I just noticed that dance was an option for the "subjects", so I listed it. I am a Lindy Hop dancer... read more

Beginning students often become confused about the difference between the quadratic function, the quadratic equation, and the quadratic formula. They all sound a little strange at first, and a little similar. Let’s look at the quadratic function first: ƒ(x) = ax2 + bx +c It’s just a shorthand way of saying you can make a shape (in this case a parabola) by plugging in all the values of x. Pick any number on the x axis, plug it into the function, and put a dot above or below it at the height that matches your answer for ƒ(x). On a three day weekend you could plot enough points to discover that they all connect together in a smooth line we call a parabola. Now let’s consider the quadratic equation: 0 = ax2 + bx +c All it is is that one special case of the quadratic function when ƒ(x) = 0. I just cut and pasted the right hand side to get it down here. Turns out it’s pretty useful but I won’t go into that here. And now the quadratic formula: X = -b... read more

All the major test prep books for the SAT, ACT, and GRE -- published by companies like Kaplan, Princeton Review, Barron's, and Manhattan Test Prep -- are poorly written, conceptually deficient, and, worst of all, riddled with serious errors. Students can't be expected to learn from books that aren't even right! And I don't mean the books are riddled simply with typos, which unfortunately is also true, because they are so poorly edited; I mean they really are riddled with serious conceptual errors. Here's a simple example from the very beginning -- the diagnostic test, of all things! -- of Princeton Review's "1,014 GRE Practice Questions." The problem is on page 24, and the answer key and explanation is on page 38. Not only is their answer wrong; what's worse, their *explanation* is wrong, too! I'll set off the problem by dashes (----) and then add more commentary after. NOTE: The question is a classic GRE "quantitative comparison," so it's hard to... read more

I feel that a good tutor is passionate about the subjects he or she teaches. Therefore, I've brought you my favorite math videos. These are fractals. In ancient India, mathematicians determined that all growth in nature can be deconstructed into a simple sequence. Go ahead, google "fibonacci sequence"and "golden rectangle". I'll wait. By the way, Nova created an amazing documentary: For a more artsy view of math topics, check out Vi Hart, a mathematician artist She takes ordinary household objects: balloons, toy snakes, fruit by the foot, and teaches amazing things. She'll re-ignite a passion for math in you.

This is my first time using WyzAnt.I got my first student yesterday. Back home from India and my long journey of loving mathematics made me do a degree in Math. Right from elementary children need good foundation. If we get strong at the basics, we don't need to fear that Math is Hard!! I can make my students feel better and make them get confidence. Practice is the Key. Working more problems, we are going to get familiar with the pattern of questions. I try to encourage students to do more mental math than calculator. Even in my BS Degree in India we never were given Calculator to solve problems. Students can do it!! I am going to soon give links to different topics!! I hope to get more students and I will be happy to guide them to reach their goals.

Greetings, scholars! The first step to success in any endeavor is having the right tools. Keeping tools organized and handy is equally important, but the overwhelming amount of information in most classes causes even the most powerful tools to get lost in the cluttered garage of facts, formulas, and applications. What we need as mathematical scholars is a neat, uncluttered toolbox where key formulas are organized and kept close at hand. Luckily, Paul' s Online Math Notes provides just that! Here is a link: The "cheat sheets" on the website below are invaluable resources. I recommend printing them out for quick reference as you practice working problems. You can also use them to make flash cards and commit important formulas to memory. You may find these notes so helpful that you no longer need assistance. If you find that you still want one- on- one instruction, I am accepting new students and will be glad to help.

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