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Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Do you ever wonder about how something is made, who first discovered it, who invented it, how it’s used, or how it works? Do you want to understand phrases such as “proton inhibitor” when someone on TV advertises a medication to reduce stomach acid? Would you like to work on a science project that is really interesting and not just settle for building a volcano? If you can relate to these questions, or have some of your own, I know just how you feel. Yes, I am a scientist, but, more importantly, an educator. I know about student anxieties, feeling overwhelmed about an upcoming test or project, not knowing where to begin, or how to proceed. I have been studying all of my life, and there are many things I still want to know. I’ve learned to fly and airplane, eaten raw conch in a boat off the Yucatan Peninsula, and visited Machu Picchu. I’ve lived in primitive conditions, had to haul water several blocks and then up two flights just to wash clothes with cold water and brown soap on a washboard. Above all, I’ve learned to observe, to learn, and to survive. I would love to make your learning experience exciting and hope that you, too, will continue wanting to learn, as I have.

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