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Series 7 part 1 - Ken F.

The FINRA General Securities Representative Exam changed a little over a year ago and we are starting to get a better feel for it. First of all the analysis you receive after you walk out of the testing center is basically worthless it doesn’t tell you anything useful..

A lot of my students spend a LOT of time just memorizing the definitions and not really understanding the actual securities. I usually get students after they don’t pass the first time, and I have to bring them back to the basics. Another hurdle is all the free advice they receive and invariably it is always just take exams over and over again, that kind of advice keeps me swimming in students. The key to this test is reading, reading, reading. Yes the exams are valuable but every hour you spend taking a practice final is an hour you are NOT studying. Most of my time is spent” connecting the dots” bridging the gap between the definitions and real world application of the material in the exam.

Ken F.