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The "Must" Ingredients For Significant Student Achievement Improvements

Based upon the academic performances of many math and chemistry clients over the years and leading right up to the present, the following factors have been vital for my students to have substantially bolstered their achievement levels by the end of their particular courses of study:

1) Both the tutor and the students approached every session with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.

2) Students were prepared at each session with adequate resources and a clear sense of what they wanted to accomplish.

3) The tutor was also prepared with backup resources(alternate textbooks, notes, appropriate visuals).

4) The tutor would model difficult concepts in writing through accurately-constructed, correctly-sequenced steps.

5) Students would be provided ample opportunities from their resources for guided practice on key concepts.

6) Students would attempt additional problems between session meetings and report any unclear ideas at the next session.

7) Parents, other relatives, or guardians took an active role in their student's(especially secondary) success.

8) Overall, sessions were scheduled regularly(minimum once per week) on a multi-week basis to fit personal objectives.


As a franchise owner of ClubZ Tutoring, I had the privilege of utilizing the services of Dr.Bruce Harris for many of our students. The result was consistently a satisfied student who was newly inspired and motivated. There is no better - Trust Me.
I am currently taking Summer III General Chemistry course at Collin and Dr. H has been of tremendous help. He is very knowledgeable and knows exactly how to explain concepts to me that are very difficult to learn just by attending class and trying to figure out during my own study time. He is extremely patient and really is the go-to person if you're in need of help. He knows exactly how to answer my questions about the subject matter because he's been teaching this subject for MANY years. I am always pleased with my sessions with him and he gives me hope and great encouragement. Thanks to him, I can most definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel. One session with him made me want to stick with him until the end of my course!

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