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Does Your Child Need a Tutor?

Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor

Poor performance in school is the first sign that a child could use a tutor. A parent who maintains a relationship with a teacher is very important. Teachers can provide useful information to parents. When parents are informed, they will most likely want to take care of the problem. The problem can be physical (such as needing reading glasses) as well as needing some extra time spent on a subject matter.

The amount of time your son or daughter spends on homework may also be a sign where extra help is needed. If it is taking too complete homework assignments, most likely the child is incapable of doing the work.Many parents think that their child just needs to try harder. A good way to decide if a child needs extra help is if a student cannot complete his or her homework in two periods or more during a school year. It is a good idea to seek help at this point.

Is your child frustrated? Often, children are frustrated with their work and do not seek the help of others. However, sometimes parents do offer help, but it is not always taken. Usually at this stage, the student has become so frustrated, that it is embarrassing to admit that he or she has fallen behind in their studies and seeking parental help can make them lose more self esteem. When you and your son or daughter have time alone, it is important to discuss the possibility of getting a tutor. The conversation should be held in a positive way. Many children may not be receptive to this idea at first, but further discussion may be needed. Let them know that there is nothing wrong with getting a tutor. We are all not born knowing everything. If however you discuss a tutor in a negative light, it may be hard to have this discussion without having positive results.