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Full-Time Tutor: Summer Tutoring

One thing that caught me off-guard this summer was the difference between school-year tutoring and summer tutoring. Last year, the vast majority of my summer tutoring was for the ACT. This year, my name has expanded quite a bit, as has the diversity of subjects.

If you are a full-time tutor, my advice to you is to get ready for anything for the summer. You may get students who want to get ahead for the next year. You may get students who are taking a summer school to make up for a failed class. You may get a really random tutoring request (I am tutoring a student in chess this summer). You may end up helping a junior with sending in college applications. You may find a college student who wants many large chunks of time to get through a necessary class.

It's not just a diversity of students either. The tutoring itself can be radically different than during the school year. I didn't have much experience developing lesson plans before this summer started (besides for the ACT). I hadn't had to go online to find worksheets for students to do. I didn't have experience with giving out and checking homework as a part of tutoring. Also, I have found that parents are much more involved in the tutoring in the summer, wanting to be kept up-to-date with how things are progressing (my 15-30 rule (see another blog of mine) has saved me many times this summer).

One thing I did not do correctly for this summer's tutoring was to rely only on my own memory and worksheets to get through the students trying to get a head start for the school year. It is much more challenging to try to form your own lesson plans from scratch when parents and/or students want a solid schedule to follow. If you run into a situation where a parent wants a solid schedule for the student, go out and buy the current book that the school is using. You'll likely be able to use for a few years, and even though textbooks are often expensive, it will be worth the investment.

Good luck to all of the fellow tutors who are still tutoring over the summer!