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Utilizing the Summer Months To Grow Educationally

If students would use the summer months when they are out of school to come for tutoring, how much more successful they would be in their next school year! Even coming for tutoring just once per week for one hour would keep their minds focused on learning and would prepare them for the first weeks of school in their next grade.

For example, in arithmetic, usually the beginning of each school year focuses on numbers such as place value, estimating, rounding, and comparing numbers as to which is greater or less. Being able to "breeze through" those first weeks of school next year would be a great "shot in the arm" for students and might catapult them into a great school year with great math grades, not to mention other subjects.

Or, the focus during the summer months might be on map studies, since our students are very weak in geography skills. Let them locate countries of the world, major cities, and the great river systems of the world and why they are important as the cradles of civilization.

Another summer option might be proofreading activities. Give the student a paragraph to proofread and correct each week. Then discuss the reasons for the corrections.

Or focus on American history or world history. Take it in "eons" or "ages." Define those time periods. Make a timeline.

Or just do science experiments. Grow some crystals. Plant some seeds and observe their growth.

Or combine these activities into an hour of fun and progress in learning.

I am looking forward to the summer tutoring students who are smart enough to come here for one hour a week!

Welcome, students!

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