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To Whom It May Concern,

I have had the privilege of knowing Barbara in both a personal & professional capacity for 5 years. When we first met it was because I was looking for a tutor for my youngest daughter. I had screened several applicants before finding Barbara as the perfect match for my daughter. From the start Barbara was warm and welcoming and she took a real interest in my daughter. One of the things I liked most about her was that she always was on time and she came prepared to tutor. She not only helped my daughter with her homework but she also prepared worksheets of her own and shared them with my daughter.

At the time we met my daughter was struggling at a below basic academic level. Barbara tutored her in both Math & Language Arts. By the end of her first year with us I could already see my daughter’s confidence blooming. Maleia’s academic growth was obvious; her grades were improving and slowly I could see her coming out of her shell. Over the next few years Barbara continued working with my daughter. Their relationship bloomed from teacher/student to mentor/friend.

As a direct result of Barbara’s tutoring my daughter submitted an essay to the California Association of Compensatory Education (CACE) and won 1st place in this state wide contest. Something I would of never dreamed possible with her previous ‘below basic’ scores.

It is my pleasure to recommend Barbara. I know that she will be a positive impact in the life of all the students who are lucky enough to have her as their tutor.

Mrs. Tammy W.


Summer Camp Education!

My wife and I are excited with the level of care and preparation you have put into the plan for our children. We know that you are the only person for the job due to your dedication and understanding of our desires. We will follow very closely to ensure that you have all the support you will need to ensure that our children's learning is maximized and their opportunities are broadened.  ( Language Arts and Early Reading Phonics )

Very Respectfully,
Frank B., Ensign
United States Navy