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Hello Everyone

This is my very first blog post!

Since this website allows for people to share lessons, teaching techniques and other similar tools, I thought I would take advantage of the blog feature to say a little bit about why I teach the way that I do.

I've been teaching for many years. I've spent most of my high school career tutoring my peers and underclassmen in subjects ranging from Mathematics to Science to English. Being a very conceptual person, I like to make sure that I know exactly why things work the way they do, and I teach this way as well. Most things, in any field of study can be derived from prior knowledge, but ONLY if it's thoroughly understood. For example, you may have to memorize the names of theorems in geometry, but the logic should come naturally to you.

Thus, I focus far more on concepts in class, and ask students to practice applying them in their own time through a series of "homework" problems. Then, those problems can be discussed next class to clear up any misunderstandings and we move on to the next concept. This means that I also give out plenty of outlines, handouts, and other materials that provide as solid guides for anything that the student didn't quite catch in class. Depending on what is more effective, some students like to take pick those up as they leave, and others take notes directly on them in class.

My classes are also very interactive. I remember far too many classes where teachers and professors droned on and on and made me want to fall asleep. Therefore, I actively encourage participation, so that each topic is applied a little in class as well. This also allows me to see how fast the student is grasping the subject and lets me adjust my teaching style.

Overall, I believe that classes should be fun, even for the most difficult subjects. Good teachers can completely turn around a person's interest in a subject. I hope to be a teacher or professor in the future so that I can instill my love of learning in other students as well. I wish you all the best!