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Standardized Exam - Tip 1

This tip applies to all standardized exams.

First, focus on eliminating careless mistakes. Most students who are taking this exam (SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc.) for the first time will realized that majority of their errors (if not more than 50%) are due to careless mistakes. Thus, if they focus on fine-tuning this portion of their skill sets they would see their overall score rise. Given that most students wait till the last week or two to study for an extremely important exam, thus, focusing on the low-hanging fruits as they say in the process improvement arena is step 1.

Second, once the low-hanging fruits of careless errors are eliminated or minimized, students should focus on working to learn the concepts that they did have trouble with or simply do not know. For example, at this stage of the studying preparation, students are working to fill in the gaps of their knowledge. This could be anywhere from 10-30% of the errors they are getting. This could be due to multiple of reasons. Lack of preparation, students simply never taken the necessary courses, or they did but it was a while ago or that they did but did not truly master the materials during the time they did sit for those classes.

Third, once careless errors gaps are filled, students then should focus on speed work. Speed work and improvement is something a good tutor would encourage throughout the process, thus, even though students might get specific questions correct, the goal of a tutor is to show other ways of obtaining the answer in a quicker time frame. This is where the Tricks of the Trade comes in.

I hope this tip help. This is my first blog, so I would write more if they are helpful.