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How to Succeed on Reading Comprehension Assessments

How to Succeed on Reading Comprehension Assessments

Reading in a second language can often be one of the most difficult tasks required of a non-native speaker. Starting at the very first level, however, many Spanish courses immediately require the fulfillment of reading comprehension requirements. How can students tackle this seemingly impossible task? Here are a few tips for increasing one's score on reading comprehension activities.

1. Read the questions BEFORE you read the passage. This allows you to focus on pertinent information as you read the text.

2. Answer the easiest questions first. This ensures that you get credit for the questions you know the answers to, and can then spend extra time on the more difficult questions at hand.

3. Eliminate any wrong answers. Then, make an educated guess. This statistically ups your chances at scoring higher on the assessment than leaving any answer blank.

4. Make sure you can always find supporting evidence in the text for your chosen answer. (Be sure to leave personal beliefs and opinions aside!

5. Look for footnotes! Authors will often define unknown vocabulary words in the footnotes of the text.

Good luck and happy reading! :)