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May or Might?

May or Might? That is the question...

-- Those confusing MODAL AUXILIARIES --

Use these to combine with the main verb of a sentence to express:
1) MAY = Permission ‘May I please be excused?’
2) MUST = Necessity ‘You must leave -- the building is on fire!’
3) MIGHT = Probability ‘She might go to the party.’
4) SHOULD = Obligation ‘You should listen to your teacher.’
5) CAN = Ability ‘ Can you drive a car?’
6) COULD = Possibility ‘Could you meet me in St. Louis?’
7) WOULD = Tentative ‘Would you go to the party if I drove you?’

***And of course, for any Future Events, use ‘Will’ & ‘Shall’

WILL ‘The sun will rise at 6:00 am.’ - Simple Future
SHALL ‘Shall we dance?’ - Polite Request
SHALL ‘You shall not pass!’ - Command