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Winter Break Tips: Keep Your Brain Sharp During Break!

As winter break approaches, many students are just trying to hang on until they finally get to relax after finals. But you have to be careful not to relax too much and forget everything! Here are a few easy tips to keep your brain sharp during the winter break.
1) Get active! Studies show that physical activity and brain activity are linked. The more you work your body, the more efficiently your brain will work. Try out exercises that involve coordination, such as dancing, or get out and ride a bike, go for a run or have a snowball fight. Cardiovascular activity increases blood flow to the brain, making it work better and faster!
2) Read a Good Book! Reading is a great to pass a rainy or snowy day. Not only does it take you on remote adventures without leaving the couch, it also increases vocabulary and makes your imagination get to work.
3) Do Brain Teasers! MENSA has some great little tests and brain teasers, but riddles and puzzles work great too! Making your brain work in creative ways helps keep it sharp and increases/maintains comprehension.