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Finding the time to study

Finding a way to give yourself adequate time to study can be daunting, especially for those who are working, or have children.

Below are four important concepts to keep in mind:

1. The amount of time is not as important as the quality of time:
Figure out your individual learning style, and use that. Spending hours reading will not be as effective as fifteen minutes listening to audio lessons if you are a audio-learner, or reading if you can’t pay attention to lectures. Personally, I know my mind wanders during lectures, so I learn better doing my own reading or reading out loud. I’ve also found that most people learn much more when they handwrite notes, rather than typing, it makes you have to go slower and process the information.

2. It’s okay to multi-task:
I don’t suggest this for younger students, as the ability to multi task comes with age, but it’s useful for older students.
Fit it studying where you can, the following are some ideas-
-Listen to audio lessons while driving, cleaning the house, or cooking
-create flash cards that you keep with you, and can break out when you have a few minutes while waiting before appointments, etc., or just look them over throughout the day
-Make it a family activity, during dinners or time together, have your family quiz you.
-Study while at the gym. One way to do this is having audio lessons playing on your MP3 or IPod while you workout.

3. Finding “spare” time:
I’ve had my moments of being sure that I did not have even one minute to spare. It was suggested to me to write out my schedule and see where I could take to study. I found that for me, cutting out the nighttime TV time was what I obviously needed to sacrifice. And unfortunately, there is always the option of choosing to study over going out with friends or sleeping.
When I started Law School, a Professor told me that it was time to tell family and friends that I was going to be busy for three years. It’s extreme, but the idea stands, it’s a sacrifice, but it’s not forever.

4. Stay positive! Remember that you can make it work, and even when you start doubting that, tell
yourself that you can anyway.