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General Test Prep Readiness


It's that TIME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Test prep time. If you have a son or daughter in primary or secondary school, you know that your son or daughter is preparing for either the CST or the California High School Exit Exam. These exams are required of all students in the education system and I don't have to tell you how important it is to prepare for the mandated test. These tests determine what your son or daughter's class placement or schedule will be next year. Nevertheless, today's disscussion is about answering Reading Comprehension Questions of the Cause and Effect type.

Firstly, students should not simple begin the test.

One should skim the test. By skimming the test, one can identify the easiest questions from the most difficult questions, then attack the exam accordingly. When approaching the Cause and Effect questions, look for key words such as "reason," "result," and "because." Circle them, because they provide the hint that the question is discussing a cause and effect relationship.

Second, review the answer choices. Then read the passage. Return to the questions after you finish the passage. Eliminate any answer choice that repeats the story or information without stating a result. Also, eliminate any answers that are off topic or offer up details. Finally, select your answer. Your answer is easier to find now, because it will be the result of the cause.