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5 Suggestions for staying sharp over the summer

Summer means fun, no school, swimming pools and a number of other things that do not include school work.  So it is  important to create a routine for learning  you could name something like " The Summer Fun Club".   See if you can find a couple of neighborhood kids who might want to join in the fun.  It is important you schedule 30 minutes every day for fun time.

1)  Plan a time to play school everyday (you can call it anything your student will find interesting) for 30 minutes.

2)  Echo read a passage that is appropriate in terms of level, then choral read then individual reading.

3)  Retell the story.

4)  Retell the story and change the ending.

5)  Act out the different characters in a little play.

It is amazing what a student can learn and remember if they have a gross motor connection.  These are a few suggestions.  All kids learn in different ways.  Pay attention to how your student prefers to learn.  For Example:  Does He/She like to learn visually, auditory or through touching.  This is what should drive you in selecting appropriate curriculum.  Remember to take into consideration, your student will learn if he/she is interested in the material presented.  Keep in mind for next year to meet with your student's teacher  and get some ideas for Summer Fun:)  He/She will be your greatest resource.  You might want to also speak with the classrooms Para if they have one.  This person is a huge resource for knowing your child.   

Finally:  I say to you:  ABC   Always Be Connecting.  A student of this age, or any for that matter, needs to be directed to connect all new information to something already known.  This is the most powerful learning tool there is.  The foundation for all learning is based on the foundation of knowledge built during these young years through making connections.   Have a great summer!