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Tutors and THEIR Subject Difficulties

Today, the tutor poll question asked 'what question parents should ask a tutor' this made me think. There is absolutely a stereotype against tutors that they have never had a problem with any subject. This is so far from the truth! Everyone has troubles with certain subjects every once and a while. I have struggled with so many subjects, but I feel that because of my struggles in different subjects I have the ability to communicate with students. This past year I seriously didn't think I was going to PASS calculus. I wasn't even concerned about getting an A or a B or even a C I would have just been happy if I got credit for the class. So I went to and I found myself a tutor. I worked and worked and worked. I would study for hours at a time then study some more, and by the end of the semester, wouldn't you know it, I had an A in the class. My story just goes to show that with the right hard work and determination, even someone who believes they are going to FAIL a class, CAN get an A in it. So, Parents, when you are looking for a tutor, ask them what difficulties they have had in school, and how that will help them, help you child.