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I like my students!

Hello, this is what my students think:

"March 13, 2013
My name is Olivia S., and I had Italian classes with Mr. Piero C. Due to my background in languages and different level of proficiency, (Ph.D. in Spanish Lit. and studied several languages) I was not able to be matched with other on going classes, therefore Mr. C. designed special classes for me that met my needs. We had very intensive classes, and he can adapt the classes to your level of proficiency and to your own study pace. I am very satisfied with Mr. C.'s method of teaching and would recommend him to other students.

Sincerely yours,
Olivia S., Ph.D."

"I recently completed a 10 week Italian class with Piero C. After taking a placement test, it was recommended that I have a tutorial course with Signor C. which would allow me to build on the Italian language skills I had previously acquired while living in Assisi, Italy, for 3 years. The first thing that impressed me about Signor C.’s teaching style was his concern that my language goals be met. After listening to my goals, he offered me the possibility of using several different books, as well as using a text of grammar exercises from Italy which was hard to obtain in this country. Throughout the ten weeks of the course, Signor C. spoke only in Italian which helped to increase my listening comprehension skills. He asked me to write several summaries of reading assignments and then meticulously reviewed my work with me. This exercise, in particular, helped me to increase my knowledge of advanced Italian sentence construction. It also alerted him to my knowledge of grammar and to those areas which needed further explanation or review. Signor C.’s encouragement and helpful explanations were extraordinary. He was always willing to go over a particularly difficult grammatical point until I began to master it. He seemed to especially enjoy helping me to confront areas of Italian grammar that bewildered me (e.g., congiuntivo, periodo ipotetico, passato remoto, etc.)—which I tended to avoid using—in order to show me that if approached methodically, it was possible to understand and master them. Several times he asked me if the course was going well and if I was happy with the content and the direction we were taking. I would heartily recommend Piero C. as a teacher of Italian to American and other English language users. Having studied English himself as a foreign language, he has a natural empathy for those English language speakers seeking to learn his native language. He is a teacher who has an easy, relaxed teaching style and an ability to insert humorous anecdotes and stories from his vast knowledge of regional Italian language variations and dialects. It was a pleasure to study under Piero’s tutelage. I was challenged a lot by the course content and I look back with satisfaction at how much I was able to clarify due to his teaching skill. I would be happy to answer any other questions regarding Piero C. ability to teach la lingua italiana.

James D."