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Great Method for Math Homework - Learn by Example

So many student have difficulty completing their math homework on their own. This occurs for many reasons (e.g. you missed class, you don't understand your teacher, or the topic is just too complicated and therefore confusing), but they all come down to this: not understanding the topic and/or not knowing the steps to solve a problem.

What you may not realize is how useful your math textbook truly is. Most textbooks (in addition to having a long list of problems to work through at the end of each section, which can be so intimidating) have example problems that walk you *step-by-step* through specific types of problems. So many times during my math tutoring sessions, I will use these examples to explain math concepts to my students.

My advice - when you are having trouble, use these steps on your next homework:
1) Write down the problem (and make sure to understand what it is asking you to do or find)
2) Attempt it on your own (at least 2 minutes). If you're not sure how to start or you get stuck, flip a few pages back in your book and look for a similar type of problem in the examples. (A lot of times, books will eve say "refer to example 3" to make it easier for you).
3) Now read through that example problem, and make sure you understand each step in the walk-through.
4) Now apply that same method to the problem you are working on.

Note that I recommend you read the example *after* you have started working on the problem - it will help you understand *why* you are using this method, not just how to do it. If you read it before you start your homework, you'll only know the "how" and risk forgetting that method, but if you wait until after, you'll remember "why" you had to do it that way, and the method will stick with you so much better.

This will work on the majority of your homework problems! Good luck!