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It’s true that tutors often don’t get paid very much for their services, so they try to pinch as many nickels and dimes out of their students as possible. I don’t believe that this should be the way. To start, a tutor should never be so desperate that they take on any client without knowing what they are in for. It’s a tutor’s job to make an assessment on each situation they are going into. This means they not only have tot talk to the parent, but also the student to figure out what areas of weakness need to be covered. What’s ridiculous is that I’ve seen some tutors charge more just for asking the parents and the child questions that will help them be a better tutor for them. That is why I give a free assessment, regardless of the student. I first conduct a phone call with them or their parents and then I meet them face to face for an hour. This helps me create a clear picture as to what and how I need to approach that particular student. Also, it allows me to evaluate whether I am the most qualified to work with a particular student and if after the assessment I determine I can not, I can explain why it is that I am not right for the job.

Regardless, I refuse to charge for this assessment because it’s just a conversation. Anyone who does charge for that should really reconsider his or her policies. In summation, free assessments for everyone!


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