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Learning Beyond the Classroom - What works for you?

So when I was an undergrad, I was not always happy with the teaching methods of some of my professors. I believe that learning is very distinctive quality and every student does it at their own pace and through different ways. For example some people are good visual learners. Displays and illustrations help them maintain what they learn, that is not necessary for me (and maybe you reading this right now). I remembered better if I write things down and make my own notes, that might not be the case for others. As a result it is very important that you figure out which learning methods work best for you. This especially important in the field of statistics in order to understand the concepts and method behind different statistical tests. Here is a list a few things that I found helpful when I was taking statistics for social sciences:

1) Read chapters before each class session

2) Keep up with reading assignments

3) Be sure to complete all homework assignments on time

4) Make a study group (be sure to chose the right people)

5) Make your own notes as you reading

6) Search the web for online tutorials (YouTube has great one)

7) Make your own statistical questions to answer

8) If there are on campus tutors, see them regularly for help

9) Review your notes regularly

10) Don;t focus on just learning how to solve problems, learn the methodology behind different statistics test that way can be at ease with using them in the future

By following these steps I am sure that it will you will begin to understand the learning strategies that work best for you. Your feedback is important, let me know if any of these steps help!!

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