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Another Recommendation

While surfing around WyzAnt, I discovered that one of my students posted a review of WyzAnt with my name and information in it! Here it is:

"Tutoring staff"

I have always sought out private classes on the things I want to learn and it has served me well in terms of mastering skills more quickly than group classes. WyzAnt offers exactly that. I was fortunate indeed to to be matched with Theresa H. She is a very patient and caring person and truly wants me to succeed. Her teaching skills are excellent. I would refer anyone to WyzAnt who needs a tutor in any given area your company can help with due to my personal experience with Theresa as an example of your tutoring staff.

Posted by Steve from Arlington, TX

It's always so encouraging to know when one touches the life of another. Steve was a terrific student working against physical limitations to forge a new life after the advent of a physical disability. He was an inspiration, as many of my students are to me!

In the face of such effort and determination, I find myself working long hours behind the scenes to find new learning methods, tools and aids so that my students may learn more and more effortlessly and well, and retain the knowledge for life.

It's important to me that my students are successful.