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Bloggin' on the blog

Occasionally I am inspired by an event or situation to comment on it, to a longer extent than just "Hey, look at that." A topic that catches my attention and prompts such a retort is almost always postage increases. It doesn't happen enough to make a living off the frequency, but of recent, it has been consistent. Then, when I actually put "pen to paper" in a more "fingers to keyboard" manner, my imagination runs past the stated event or item and into a world of border hallucination. One actual professional novel-writing author who has had occasion to read my works has even noted that English may not be my first language. With all the non sequiturs and allusions to media and personal experience that must be also personally experienced, it's sometimes a challenge to the reader to translate some of my expressions into human. Hopefully that's what makes it uniquely enjoyable and something to come back to, time after time. I have a great respect for those who do make the effort to put time into a daily blog, or diary, or journal, and encourage it as an exercise in composition classes, or training. Sometimes though, no mater how creative or inspired one is, every once in a while one of them is just going to seem like it's been "phoned in" -- which, in all actuality is not that bad a practice, literally, for this sort of enterprise. Maybe this forum being available will make it more attractive for me to improve my proficiency and prolific-ness. And my vocabulary.

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