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Neglected Areas in Education Today

Two very neglected areas of education today are "art" and "penmanship." Now, don't make fun of me because I used the old-fashioned word "penmanship." A person who has an even, legible hand is going to make a good impression on anybody. An even, legible hand signifies an educated, careful, thoughtful person.

And having been exposed to the opportunity to express oneself in art activities is of great benefit to a student's psychological development.

This means that whatever a tutor can do to provide some training in penmanship, or provide some artistic opportunities (be they ever so humble), would be of great benefit to their students. Even if just a few minutes were allotted to penmanship or art, it would be of benefit to the students. A tutor might consider keeping some art materials on hand such as paints, chalk, paper, or brushes that students can utilize to experiment with, or draw at the tutor's direction. Some waste will inevitably occur with students, but that may be the price to be paid for artistic development.