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Visualization: One Key to Acing Your Exam

One key to success when you are preparing for your standardized test - or any test, for that matter - is to use visualization exercises. This may seem unscientific, and perhaps it is, but it is a techniques used by athletes, business professionals and successful test takers the world over. Many of my students have benefited from this type of exercise, saying it helped them settle their minds and focus on the test.

The technique is to imagine how good it will feel after the test, knowing that you did your very best. Think about walking out of the test center, your head held high, with the knowledge that you did your best. That is a great feeling to imagine, no?

In addition, make plans to do something fun after the test. This could be having lunch with friends, going to see a movie, maybe playing a pick-up soccer game, or even just relaxing. Whatever it is you do to celebrate, make concrete plans to do that after the test. This way, you will be looking forward to the test day instead of dreading it.

Do these exercises a few times every day leading up to the test. Just think about how good it will be to have finished the test on a good note and then how nice it will be to engage in your post-exam fun activity. These techniques may not help you answer the test questions more correctly, but they will help you develop a more positive attitude toward the exam and help you enter the test with a great feeling for the day.

Remember - the test is a hurdle you have to jump. It is a big deal, but most standardized tests give you the option of retaking them, so not getting the ideal score the first time is not terrible. Try your best and work from there to improve. Visualize doing well and your subconscious will push you to succeed.