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God and Religion

The most High Supreme Being, All Powerful and Omniscient, and above Him there is no other. Because God is, He cannot be comprehended even when He is studied by His creation. He will remain infinitely a mystery. God is not human, not limited by time or space, not imperfect, because God is by essence divine; therefore, He exists eternally and infinitely. Our task as His creation is to believe (faith before reason) in Him, accept His favors and worship Him for who He is. He is also a loving and good God, He has revealed himself to humankind in order that His creation may have communion with Him; and may experience the unknown in an experiential and mysterious way (a prior realization). What do you know about God? How did you come to that realization?

If you want to get deeper in the journey you may find the following arguments intriguing:

1. Argument by creation - Was the universe created? If so, then it must be the result of a Creator. What light do the laws of science shed on all this?
2. Argument by design - Is the universe the result of intelligent design?
3. Argument by morality - What dictates humanity's actions and how are they measured?
4. Argument by revelation - If we can conclude that there is a revelation that God has made to man by experience then there is a relationship between God and humanity, as well as, God and his creation.

Is there a Higher Power, a Supreme Being through which everything else came into existence? What do you think?