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Planning and Setting Goals for Tutoring

Planning on both the part of the tutor and the student is vital to success for students seeking a tutor in the creative arts. Whether music, art, or creative writing, planning and setting goals is important. With academics such as math, science or history the goals are specific. The student needs to learn something specific or needs help with foundational principles.

Tutoring in creative arts is different. Students approach creative tutoring often because they wish to learn, enhance or hone skills. It is important for the student, or parent (if the student is a child), to have a goal. "I want to learn art" is general, but "I love painting and I want to learn to watercolor" is specific. Students may have a desire to learn but little or no talent, or may have a desire to learn with great potential talent. Both student and tutor need to evaluate the student skill level so that lessons will meet the students expectations.

The tutor must learn the goals and create a lesson plan to help the student reach those goals. When the lesson plan is complete the tutor needs to review it with the student to be sure it meets their expectations, then the fun begins!


Thank you for your thoughts. I haven't tutored yet but your advice will be very helpful when I do get the opportunity.

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