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Technology that tests and tracks.

Earlier this week, I began sessions with a young man who needed to shore up his math and reading skills for the military placement exam (ASVAB). I decided I'd change my normal methods a little to see if new methods have a better impact.

This time, I've decided to use two websites with built-in social media functions. KhanAcademy has a battery of K-12 math/geometry/calculus tests. FreeRice has English vocabulary and grammar quizzes. I can sign my students up with a free account and place them on my team. They can work on problems on their own time, and I can see their progress (or lack thereof) on my own time as well.

I'd be interested to find more websites like these that both test knowledge and build groups of people that tutors like myself, teachers, and/or parents can monitor and review. If you have any other useful websites in this vein, feel free to share them.