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BETTER ACT AND SAT PREP - Using the Styles and Types of Learning Approach

Styles and Types of Learning.

NOTE: This is written for tutors.

Students: DO NOT READ

As educators we were all taught that our students learned in three different ways:

- Visual

- Auditory

- Kinesthetic

My research has revealed another axis of learning:

- Learning by Classroom

- Learning by remote/on-line

- Learning by individual study

Just as each student has her own style of learning perception: visual; auditory; kinesthetic, she has her preferred style of learning “geography”. Some students do much better in a physical classroom, while many flourish in independent study.

If we acknowledge that learning “geography” matters then we are not just looking at three ways of tutoring but 3 times 3 or 9 ways of tutoring.

Only when we educators realize that just segmenting students by visual; auditory; and kinesthetic is not enough, can we begin to truly teach our students in the manner that they need, and not just what is comfortable for us.