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Explaining algebra

Sometimes a student must take algebra in order to complete requirements for a degree other than in a mathematics field. Algebra seems strange and incomprehensible to the non-math mind.

Algebra concepts and methods can be explained clearly and simply enough for most students to be able to successfully solve problems. A recent student of mine faked his way through Algebra I and found himself in an Algebra II course without the necessary preparation. He was failing. The student was dedicated to listening, being well organized and trying his best. With the combination of an understanding college professor, a sincere student and my supportive, clear and helpful tutoring, the student was able to achieve in the 90 percentile for a final grade.

Family and teachers are all very proud of this student. But all believe that, without the tutoring, the student would have continued on a failing track. This real-life example illustrates the importance of tutoring. Sometimes a good tutor is needed to make the impossible seem understandable and, suddenly, possible!