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Why I want to teach

I didn't think teaching was something I ever wanted to do.

I started volunteering at Fisher Middle School in Ewing, NJ, during my senior year at Ewing High School. I volunteered with one of my old Reading teachers, Mrs. Meekins. During my time there, helped out with her 7th and 8th grade classes. Some of things I did were grading, reading for warm ups, helping students with any questions, helping get supplies, and I even got to create a review game and teach a class. Spending a year there really showed me I had a passion to change things. It shocked me to see how students are struggling because I didn't recall having many problems while I was in middle school and didn't remember any peers having too many problems either.

I think a major problem is technology. Students are given technology so early on that it affects how they retain information.

Also, schools are having trouble with budget cuts. There are lacks in tutors. Teachers are becoming less qualified or constantly changing in some areas. Students forget that education is a privilege. I want to be able to make an impact somehow in the education world, which is why I want to become an English teacher in the future. Even if a student doesn't continue education after high school, they should know how to use words effectively because knowing how to communicate is key to becoming prosperous.