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Finite Problem is finite!!

Sometimes we get so stressed out that we just "can't see the forest for the trees" and feel lost. A lot of my students suffer anxiety over their studies. Once a student starts down that spiral toward failure, it's difficult to know how to stop it. I say, "Get a tutor!" Wouldn't you go to the dentist if you had a bad tooth ache? You need to know what to do to make it better. The same is true for school. Get a professional tutor. It's our business and we CARE whether you do well or not.

One student this week thought he had a big problem with his Finite Math course. After we met for one session and went over the material, he discovered that his problem was nothing more than the instructor's failure to give enough details. He also indicated that he was stressing during tests (test anxiety, probably part of that spiral I mentioned above). Now, the student can go back to class and ask questions when something isn't clear.

REMEMBER: If you are in a test and start to sweat, can't remember anything, or suddenly go blind, follow these instructions.

Remain calm.
Clear your mind.
Breathe deeply a few times.
Skip anything you don't know and go on to the next question.
Slowly, you will get over the anxiety and remember everything.