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Top 3 Tips

Organization, Communication, Positive Attitude

These are the three most important parts of a good school year. If you student is organized, success is encouraged. Try to have an organized backpack for school and a designated study area at home. IF the backpack goes to the study area and a routine is established, children will be more apt to develop stronger study habits.

Communication is key to a good working relationship with your student. Always discuss the day with your child. Find out what is going on. As your child becomes older, communication becomes harder but also more important. Take time during the afternoon or evening to talk with your child.

A positive attitude will always help your child feel that he or she can talk to you about anything. As they grow and develop, they need to know that you are safe and they can come to you no matter what the situation. Always try to help your child accept responsibility for and feel free to talk to you about any situations they may encounter.