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How do I limit myself to just one theme in a speech?

Do you have a hard time writing a speech or presentation and limiting your talk to just one main idea? I know I do. I find so many ideas in the world that make for a compelling talk. Quotes are my weakness. Why stop with one quotation when you can use four or five?

The main reason I need one powerful theme is for my audience to remember it.

When I introduce too many ideas I muddy the water and the audience can’t clearly remember what I hoped to get across.

Many DVDs and Blu-Rays have a Director’s Cut that feature footage the director would have included if other considerations had not prevailed. Sadly many of the director’s favorite scenes end up on the cutting room floor.

When choosing what is “in” and what is “out” of your next speech ask yourself these questions:

What theme or idea am I most passionate about?

What theme am I best equipped to develop?

What theme has the highest probability of being well received and remembered by the audience?

What theme lends itself most to an elegant rhetoric?

Which one can carry the most weight conceptually?

Leaving out material from a speech may be a painful exercise for the speaker/director, however the audience will reap a benefit in clarity and connection with the speaker.