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Confidence ... a truly great feeling!

I had a great time tutoring a new student the other day. She is creating a dynamic 15 minute presentation, and needed some professional help putting it together. We had an amazing conversation that touched on many of the "big ideas" in life. As the main thrust of the presentation came into focus, I felt like the work we were doing was really getting into a "groove." It was a tremendous feeling. The best word I can think of to describe the feeling is power. That word is misleading, though. It was not a feeling of power as in exerting power, or feeling powerful. It was as if there was a power welling up within me. I bet you know that feeling. Think about some time in your life when you realized that you were in the midst of accomplishing something. Not just anything, but something meaningful, at least to you. Can you recall how that felt? That is where I was during the last hour or so of the tutoring session.

I always enjoy tutoring. I have a student I have been tutoring for some time. She reminds me of myself at her age, because I also struggled with math, except she works at it harder than I did back in the day. But every session tutoring her makes me smile. I can be having a day with too many rotten circumstances to mention, but the effort this student gives and her appreciation for the help make me feel great. There truly is nothing in this world like confidence, and accomplishing something always builds confidence.

I hope you are building some confidence and believing in yourself! If you need some help with that, let me know. I think that is one of my best things!