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Certified teachers and tutoring

It certainly helps a tutor and his/her students to have teaching certification. However, I think training programs in other career fields and prior tutoring experience can help tutors without such certification still be outstanding tutors. I happen to be a physician scientist with MD and PhD degrees and prior volunteer and paid tutoring experience who is successfully tutoring students in multiple subjects. I believe my high level of education makes up for my lack of a teaching certificate. During my training in medicine and science, I worked with educators with PhD's and MD's to optimize my own academic performance as well as that of my classmates. These educators taught me about different learning styles, effective teaching and oral presentation strategies, and study skills appropriate for adult students. Unfortunately, due my above primary career field, I do not have experience or training in how to best teach students with learning disabilities, ADHD, Aspergers, and or autism. I think in the case of students with these additional obstacles, it is most appropriate for them to be tutored by a certified teacher trained specifically in helping students with learning disability because such a tutor can help them better than I can with my limited experience with learning disabilities.