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Math and Music

There are many connections between Math and Music, and everyone LOVES music. I can't say the same thing about math, but using music to teach math has proven to be the only way for some of my students to get the points across. Anyone have any insight or know about new technology that aids this process?


This question converges on my doctoral work. Here's a few of my favorite resources:

A lecture by Berkeley Prof. Richard Muller on waves, sound and other cool stuff:

A fairly cheap ($10?) book with LOTS of cool connections between music, geometry, design and math:
Ashton, _Harmonograph_

A bit advanced, but cool nonetheless:

Thanks Mark. I've actually read and studied Harmonograph. Brilliantly laid out and simple. I live by the fact there is something there. Something with all these numbers, patterns, p, Fibonacci.... its very enlightening and promising to me, but leaves me forever curious. Thanks again for the response.

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